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Who? Why? How?

Please take a look at the About page.

What do the terms mean?

The number of confirmed (recorded) cases
The number of confirmed cases that are still infected
( = - - )
The number of confirmed cases that have died
The number of confirmed cases that have recovered

What do the columns in the table mean?

You can see the description of each table column directly.

On Computer: Simply hover your mouse over the title.

On Mobile / Tablet: Hold your finger on the title (it will disappear when you let go).

Welcome and Thank You for using COVID19info.live

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The goal of COVID19info.live is to provide the latest information on the COVID-19 coronavirus and to make that information more accessible.

Who / How

This site is designed, developed and funded by myself.

It is the result of constant work; updating, fixing and maintaining in order to provide the service.

German, French, Spanish - Julian Pufler
Italian - Luca Farci
Brazilian Portuguese - Macedo
Vietnamese - BuffaloThief
Russian, Ukrainian - Dmytro Kushnir
Dutch - Remo Grado
Croatian - Igor Kauric

 WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, JHU CSSE, Worldometers, DXY & QQ

Important Information

This website will be shutting down on January 29th 2021.

A lot has changed since it started and it is no longer required, there are now many resources available for viewing Covid-19 data, especially at a local level.

Majority of the data here comes from either JHU or Worldometers, you can continue to get daily updates from their sites.

Thank you to everyone who supported the website, and I hope it helped you during its time online.